Welcome to the FRC. 

Thank you for joining the Full Reptile Collective. I hope whatever you purchased is enjoyed and appreciated. A lot of love has gone into this project, and we are growing much faster than we anticipated. What started out as a logo, created a few years ago on a journey I may share with you sometime… turned into the symbol for what we, as a Collective, aim to REPresent in our daily lives. As we gather our resources and begin to collate our thoughts into sharable media, we will also make available things that we like and need in our own daily lives.


Things such as clothing, supplements, training equipment… and of course coffee, will be sourced by the members of the Collective and made available to you, at the best price we can for the quality we demand. Our beans are found through our friends at Outpost Coffee, who scour the world far and wide to find the highest quality coffee they can find. Brought back to the expert minds at headquarters, the beans are then roasted in several different ways to bring out the best flavours. Members of the Collective then taste a wide variety and choose our favourites to bring to you.


The House Blend is our go-to, and is perfect with or without your choice of milk. My preference is two cups in the morning with MCT, CBD and oat milk, but Dean and Ollie both go hardcore and drink it straight. Our Single Origin roasts will change seasonally, and we will always endeavour to offer at least two types of bean. These will be the best small batch roasts from around the world. There will often be an optimal way to brew your coffee, and we will get that information to you as the beans become available. By all means though, brew how you like and if you find a winning formula, let us know.


Some of our preferred brewing equipment will be available alongside the coffee, and will be added to over time. I’m all about the Clever Dripper and Rhinowares grinder at the moment, and the Aeropress for when I’m on the road. Don’t be surprised if you see me walking through an airport or down a street with my Full Reptile mug clipped to my backpack. That’s a sign that I’m ready to prepare a delicious caffeinated beverage whenever hot water presents itself! 


Another thing I now live in are my Full Reptile Collective clothing. On the site as I type this are our standard t-shirts, hoodies and joggers, for both men and women. These are the best quality and most comfortable we could find. The t-shirts are 100% organic cotton, and the joggers are fitted perfectly for ninja acrobatics as they are for everyday wear. I tend to start with a brand new item and wear it until its looking a little ‘traveled’, and then downgrade it to training gear, for which it seems near indestructible. Dean is currently testing this to its fullest extent, whilst training our Full Reptile Warriors to take over the combat sports world.

Forever grateful Dan, Dean, Ollie, Owen and Wad