About the Collective

Welcome to the FRC. 

The Full Reptile Collective was started in 2018, by a group of five friends connected by a love of Combat Sports. Ollie Richardson, Dean Amasinger, Owen Oxley, Wad Alameddine, and Dan Hardy, met through our individual journey’s within Mixed Martial Arts. As competitors, coaches, managers, and avid fans, our paths crossed many years ago, and we stuck together because we’re likeminded people. Always endeavouring to better ourselves through practice, self-reflection, and training. To help support those around us, and build a network like a family or tribe, that we can rely upon to better one another’s life experience. To be innovative and resourceful, and conduct our business as we conduct ourselves in daily life. With integrity, good intentions, and gratitude.


What began as an idea of selling our own signature coffee roasts from ethical, fairtrade sources, grew into a project to create our own lifestyle and training clothes. We partnered with our friends over at Outpost coffee, and developed our House Blend, and our first couple of Single Origin roasts. From that point on our pre-meeting coffee brew became a daily ritual, and the start of any good days work. We love that we can share these signature flavours with all of you, and appreciate all of the people that have already brewed up a mug of the good stuff, from Full Reptile Co.


With our foundations being in Combat Sports, Martial Arts, and Physical Performance, we needed good quality training clothes for our day-to-day use. In the Training Section you will find a large selection of t-shirt designs, sweatshirts, joggers, and hoodies. All with our Full Reptile Boxing & Martial Arts, Team Rough House, or our home gym, Hardy-Wallhead MMA. We have a wide variety in our Lifestyle clothing section as well. This is a more casual wear style, with a more premium feel, when compared the the more hard-wearing Training gear. You will also find a large range of beanies, baseball caps, and snapbacks in the Headwear section, and other add-on swag under Accessories.


We are constantly adding new designs, improving our existing products, and sourcing better options for our own daily life. Sometimes we only create a limited number of each item, so if something is listed as ‘Sold Out’, please add your email and we’ll notify you when we restock that particular item. As I write this we are a few days before the end of 2021, and are already looking forward to the new year with new products, designs and collaborations with other great brands. We are thankful for your support, hope you enjoy browsing the site and find something that you would be proud to wear. Whether it’s a keychain, a coffee, or a full outfit for your next workout, you are all appreciated, and we only an email away if you have any questions or suggestions.


Welcome to the Full Reptile Collective,


Dan Hardy